Baltimore's Best Tacos Are Found in Cozy Storefronts and Food Trucks

Jimmy Longoria, reflecting on his three decades in Baltimore County, notes the remarkable evolution of Mexican food in the city. Originally from San Luis Potosí in central Mexico, he moved to Baltimore County at the age of 12. Back in 1994, the quest for tortillas would require a drive from Middle River to Fells Point. Today, things have changed dramatically, with Baltimore's Latino population growing steadily. With this growth, the city's Mexican culinary scene has expanded significantly.

Baltimore's Best Tacos Are Found in Cozy Storefronts and Food Trucks

One of the early Mexican food destinations in Baltimore was El Taquito Mexicano in Fells Point. However, the landscape has evolved, especially with the doubling of the Latino population to about eight percent in the past decade. As a result, Baltimore now boasts a vibrant Mexican food scene.

While Clavel, in Remington, is a celebrated Mexican restaurant, many of the city's finest tacos are found in unassuming small storefronts and humble food trucks. These places house the heart of Baltimore's taquerías: large vats filled with carnitas, birria, chicharrónes, and barbacoa, tortilla machines, vitroleros of aguas frescas, jugs of tepache, and the mesmerizing vertical spits of roasted pork for al pastor tacos.

These taquerías offer a variety of delights, from quesabirria tacos to brick-red pozole, hearty torta sandwiches, elote, tamales, and an array of tacos loaded with carne asada, chorizo, seafood, and more.

If you're seeking new places to explore, here are some must-visit taquerías, from old favorites to recent additions:

  • Charro Negro: Locations in Greektown and Downtown.
  • Cocina Luchadoras: Located in Fells Point.
  • La Cabaña: Found in Dundalk.
  • Mexican on the Run: Locations in Cockeysville and Idlewylde.
  • Tacos Jalisco: Situated in Fells Point.
These hidden gems offer a feast of Mexican flavors that will leave you wanting more. So, whether you're a taco enthusiast or just looking for a delicious meal, Baltimore's Mexican culinary scene has something for everyone.

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