A Taste of Belize Hits the Road: Food Truck Tour Celebrates 35 Years of Friendship with Taiwan

Taiwan and Belize are raising a toast (or perhaps a mug of Belizean cacao and rose tea) to their 35th year of diplomatic relations with a delicious twist – a free, month-long food truck tour!

CNA photo April 2, 2024

This unique initiative, spearheaded by the Belizean Embassy and organized by the Central America Trade Office (CATO), aims to strengthen bonds between the two nations through the universal language of love: food.

"We want to reach and connect with all 23 million plus Taiwanese," declared Belize's Ambassador Candice Pitts at the launch event held at the Taipei Children's Amusement Park. Ambassador Pitts expressed her admiration for Taiwanese cuisine, highlighting favorites like Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup and oolong tea. "In return," she continued, "we want to introduce Taiwanese people to the delightful flavors of Belize."

The brightly colored food truck will be roaming various locations around Taiwan, offering a taste of Belize at no cost. Diners can expect a delectable selection, including:

  • Cacao Paste Pancakes: Made with Belize's prized cacao beans, these fluffy pancakes promise a rich, chocolatey indulgence.
  • Belize Cacao and Rose Tea: This unique beverage combines the smooth taste of Belizean cacao with the delicate fragrance of rose petals, offering a delightful and refreshing twist.
  • Taiwanese-Style Fried Noodles with Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce: A fusion dish that combines the familiar comfort of Taiwanese fried noodles with the fiery kick of Belize's world-renowned hot sauce.

This culinary adventure goes beyond delicious bites. It's a chance for Taiwanese people to experience a taste of Belizean culture and forge a deeper connection with their "reliable diplomatic ally."

The food truck tour isn't just about introducing Belizean flavors; it's also a celebration of a strong and enduring friendship. This annual event, first launched in 2022, strengthens the bonds between Taiwan and Belize, showcasing the power of cultural exchange through the magic of food.

So, keep an eye out for the brightly colored Belizean food truck! It might just be bringing a taste of paradise and a chance to celebrate a special friendship to your town.

For detailed information on the food truck's location and schedule, visit the Central America Trade Office (CATO) Facebook page: facebook.com/CATOTW.

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