NIU's Food Truck Wednesdays, a staple on campus

Food Truck Wednesdays became an instant hit at NIU, with local trucks offering a diverse range of delicious options from burritos to frozen custard. The event, running from August 30 to October 25, drew a significant crowd of students enjoying meals in MLK Commons or gathered around the trucks during their class breaks.

NIU's Food Truck Wednesdays, a staple on campus

The popularity of Food Truck Wednesdays signals a clear demand for its return next year. The convenient midday timing, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., provided students with a perfect opportunity to grab a bite. Many students, like senior environmental studies major Sam Lepien, eagerly anticipate its return, having made it a weekly tradition.

These food trucks added excitement to students' dining options, especially for those seeking variety beyond the regular dining hall offerings. With new trucks each week, including familiar favorites like Burritoville, Ka-Bao!, and Main Squeeze, the event brought freshness and exploration.

Considering the overwhelming student support and the opportunity to foster local business connections, NIU should establish Food Truck Wednesdays as a lasting tradition. Bringing back the event not only next fall but also after spring break in mid-March, when warmer weather encourages outdoor activities, would be a welcomed continuation. The success of the semester's Food Truck Wednesdays demonstrates the need for enjoyable traditions at NIU, making it a no-brainer to keep this popular event alive each year.

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