Tacos Jacinto Food Truck in Fresno: A Dining Experience

The Valley boasts numerous taco trucks, leaving people undecided on which one to try. Our curiosity led us to explore the offerings of the Tacos Jacinto truck, acclaimed as the Judge's Choice at the Taco Truck Throwdown in October at Chukchansi Park.

Tacos Jacinto Food Truck in Fresno: A Dining Experience

Reflecting on the victory, Melissa Martinez shared, "It was very cool. Very surreal. I don't think it actually marinated until after the fact." The truck, named after their mother Maria Jacinto, who initiated the business in 1996, features recipes that have withstood the test of time.

Melissa and her sister Marisol grew up savoring birria, a spicy meat stew. Their quesa tacos, a crowd favorite, are made with birria, accompanied by consomme for taco dipping. The award-winning shrimp taco stands out for its rich flavors, combining the crunch of tortilla, cheese, salsa juice, and grilled shrimp.

Emphasizing authenticity, Melissa stated, "It's very traditional. It's authentic Mexican food. The taste, all the flavors, are from Michoacan, which is where we originally come from." The birria ramen, a non-traditional hit, features ramen noodles in birria broth with tender beef, onions, cilantro, and sides of carrots and radishes.

To complete the meal, Tacos Jacinto offers a cheese taco. Customers can also enjoy refreshing agua fresca horchata or jamaica. The menu caters to all, ensuring a satisfying experience for both young and old customers.

Melissa humorously noted, "Our toughest critiques are always kids. If kids come and enjoy your food, we know we have good food because kids are the pickiest people on earth." Find Tacos Jacinto at Gazebo Gardens (Van Ness and Shields) and the Rite Aid parking lot (Gettysburg and Cedar) on various days.

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