Food Trucks on Parade! The Grand Opening of Food Truck Park in Tyler

A cloudless Saturday painted the perfect backdrop for the grand opening of PE's Court, a new food truck park in Tyler. The vibrant atmosphere buzzed with excitement as residents like Carly Miles expressed their joy, "It's a beautiful day, and having so many delicious options to choose from is amazing! This is exactly what our community needs - a place to come together and enjoy good food and company."


Terri Torres, another resident, echoed the sentiment, "This is fantastic! The community has been craving something like this for a long time." Indeed, with the growing population and booming food truck scene, the demand for a dedicated park was undeniable.

Alexis Morales-Williams, owner of PE's Court, poured her heart and soul into making this dream a reality. "It took a lot of hard work, faith, and determination," she shared. The journey involved navigating city regulations, securing approvals, and ensuring all safety standards were met. "It wasn't easy, but three months later, the city council gave me the green light, and we were moving forward."

A soft opening in December with four trucks proved successful, paving the way for expansion. Now, PE's Court proudly hosts up to eight trucks, offering diverse culinary options to cater to every taste. "We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy themselves," explained Morales-Williams. "Our goal is to support local food truck owners and create a thriving space for the community."

The grand opening showcased six trucks: The Spud Station, Mr. Taco, Titi's Hot Dogs, Jenn Jenn's Peace of Cakes, J. Bud's BBQ & Catering Co., and Heaven's Rita. Jennifer Johnson, owner of Jenn Jenn's Peace of Cake, highlighted the abundance of talent in the local food truck scene, "Tyler has so many amazing options! Alexis has created a fantastic platform for us to showcase our creations."

Charles Burns, owner of Heaven's Rita, emphasized the camaraderie among food truck owners, "Supporting each other is crucial for small businesses like ours. We've seen incredible community support here today, and that's truly heartwarming."

Johnson concluded by applauding Morales-Williams' vision, "We desperately needed something like this, and Alexis has brought it to life beautifully. PE's Court is a true community celebration, and I can't wait to see it flourish."

With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse food offerings, and commitment to supporting local businesses, PE's Court seems destined to become a beloved gathering place in Tyler. So, grab your friends and family, head to PE's Court, and savor the delicious taste of community!

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