Cousins Maine Lobster Claws its Way to Buffalo: Fan-Favorite Lobster Rolls Arrive Upstate

Brace yourselves, Buffalo! Cousins Maine Lobster, the nationally recognized franchise known for its delicious lobster rolls, is setting up shop in your city this weekend. This expansion marks the latest venture for Pete and Cindy Sztankovits, a multi-market franchisee who's already brought the taste of Maine to central and northwestern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania with their five existing food trucks.


Their sixth franchise agreement brings Cousins Maine Lobster to a whole new region, encompassing Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. While the exact locations haven't been announced yet, we do know the Buffalo truck will kick things off this Saturday, June 15th, with a planned stop at Flying Bison Brewing Company. Mark your calendars, lobster lovers!

Cousins Maine Lobster started as a food truck itself, so this homecoming of sorts is a perfect fit for the brand. Their commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients has earned them a loyal following, and their expansion upstate is sure to excite seafood enthusiasts in New York.

We can expect the Buffalo truck to offer the same delectable menu as their other locations. This typically includes:

  • Classic Lobster Roll: Packed with succulent Maine lobster meat, served on a toasted buttered roll.
  • Connecticut-style Lobster Roll: Warm butter-lobster goodness on a toasted hot dog bun.
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese: A creamy, decadent dish combining everyone's favorites.
  • Lobster Bisque: A rich and flavorful soup perfect for dipping their signature fries.

The Sztankovits are known for partnering with local breweries and businesses, so expect to see the Cousins Maine Lobster truck popping up at various events and festivals throughout the Buffalo area. Be sure to follow their social media page (@CMLBuffalo) for the latest updates on locations and menus.

Whether you're a die-hard Cousins Maine Lobster fan or simply curious about the hype, this weekend's launch is a delicious opportunity to experience a taste of Maine right here in Buffalo.

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