Marginalized food-truck owners find success using cloud-based POS systems and analytics software

In cities across the US, food trucks on busy streets tempt passersby with sizzling grills and aromatic spices, carrying on an American culinary tradition dating back to the whimsical Wienermobile in 1936. These trucks gained popularity during the 2008 recession when traditional restaurants faced challenges. Today, they're a $2 billion-plus industry with over 36,000 trucks, representing a 10% increase since 2022.

Marginalized food-truck owners find success using cloud-based POS systems and analytics software

Technology has been a game-changer, especially for entrepreneurs from marginalized communities entering the food truck scene. Organizations like Let's Chow support veterans and military spouses in food truck entrepreneurship, providing tech solutions like Toast's cloud-based restaurant-management software. This tech improves order accuracy and back-end operations, helping food truck owners like the Surlas of Joselle's Kitchen streamline their business.

Food truck owners are also embracing technology to optimize profit margins, track inventory, and automate bookkeeping tasks, all supported by platforms like Toast's XtraChef system.

Goodfynd, founded by Sofiat Abdulrazaaq, aims to help underserved food truck owners succeed by offering software-as-a-service tools, including inventory management, payment processing, and one-on-one support. Their technology caters to food truck-specific needs, addressing areas like menu updates, supply procurement, and language barriers.

Location is crucial for food trucks, and tech tools help owners make informed decisions about where to park and when to operate. QR codes and automated emails enhance customer relationships and loyalty by streamlining payments and sharing updates.

Innovative tech tools are transforming the food truck industry, making it more efficient and inclusive for aspiring entrepreneurs, serving success on a platter in the culinary world.

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