Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Nashville

There's something undeniably thrilling about food trucks, perhaps reminiscent of the ice cream trucks of our childhoods. My brother Scott organized a taco truck for his younger son's graduation party, and the excitement was palpable!

Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Nashville

What I find most appealing about food trucks, as our list demonstrates, is the astonishing variety of cuisine they bring to our city.

  1. Mala Vida

This bar-food truck with a pan-Latin twist is a personal favorite. The Big Mickey, an exceptional burger, and the Bokstar, a chicken sandwich with smoked mayo and pickles, are absolute standouts. While the street tacos are petite, they are equally delectable. My preference leans toward the street-style quesadilla, griddled to perfection with cheese and served with pickles.

Don't miss the Big Mickey, though Mack refuses to divulge why it's named so!

  1. Tennessee Cobbler Co./The Baking Room

I initially underestimated the inclusion of dessert trucks in this roundup, but my perspective shifted after experiencing the Tennessee Cobbler Co. This charming food truck serves up nostalgia in the form of warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and cobbler milkshakes. All that's missing is a rocking chair on a Southern summer porch.

It's heartwarming to see dessert recognized as food! My personal favorite is The Baking Room, launched by a hairstylist turned baker during the pandemic. She infuses cheesecake into everything, from cheesecake shakes to cheesecake cookies – all exquisite!

  1. Chivanada

I appreciate when food trucks specialize in a couple of items and execute them impeccably. Chivanada does just that with its sizable, crispy Colombian deep-fried empanadas, generously filled with well-seasoned meats and heaps of cheese. Delicioso!

There's much to adore about this place, especially its proximity to Basement East for post-show sustenance. Who would have thought I'd be swooning over lentil and cheese empanadas? But that's precisely what happened. Vegetarians, take note.

  1. Southern Spoon

Southern Spoon offers a remarkable meatloaf sandwich, complete with bacon (hooray!), nestled in a wonderfully fresh ciabatta bun (not exactly Southern, but I applaud their creativity!). However, the true star is their unconventional take on banana pudding.

Perfectly fried, lightly breaded ripe banana chunks rest atop creamy pudding, dusted generously with powdered sugar – an incredibly sweet delight! It's the unexpected extras that make this truck special, like dill pickle cream cheese on a hot chicken sandwich. Don't knock it till you try it!

  1. Maiz de la Vida

Maiz de la Vida may be a Mexican food truck, but it offers so much more. Their quesabirria tacos, crafted with slow-simmered American wagyu beef, are divine. Pair those with consomme and a drink from Chopper tiki bar (where this truck is stationed), and happiness is guaranteed. The specials are always worth exploring, including a recent twist on a BLT served on a tostada. The handmade tortillas here are masterful. It would rank even higher if it weren't for Brad's reservations. But then again, this isn't the first time I've said that...

Ha! That's spot-on. Personally, I adore Maiz de la Vida Tortilla Shop, a low-key gem in a Bordeaux strip mall known for its exceptional cuisine. However, the Maiz food truck, in my recent experience, has fallen short. The five dishes I tried were either overly greasy or lacking in flavor, or sometimes both. It's rare, Mack, for us to have such opposing views, but this is one of those instances.

  1. Bad Luck Burger Club/Tasty & Delicious Burger

We couldn't choose between these two superb burger trucks, so we've included both. Bad Luck Burger Club specializes in smash burgers and has a fun sense of humor, as seen on their website: "Nashville's Undisputed Kings of Smashed Street Meat." It's a blast!

Bad Luck Burger makes me genuinely ecstatic. I didn't grasp the hype until I took my first bite. As advertised, it's the quintessential burger. And yes, add jalapenos!

However, my favorite burger contender emerged when I unexpectedly encountered Brad at Street Eats, and he practically shoved a Tasty and Delicious Burger cheeseburger in my face, insisting, "Try this." I did, and it lived up to its billing. Nevertheless, Bad Luck, in my book, has a slight edge.

  1. The Pepper Pott

Where has this food truck been all my life? Guyanese comfort food at its finest. Every bite is packed with incredible flavor. From roasted salmon sandwiches with jerk sauce to "tropic plates" featuring exquisite sides like perfect cabbage, sweet plantains, and my personal favorite, rice and peas. For protein, you can choose shredded chicken, salmon, or outstanding jackfruit that could easily pass for meat, delighting even our vegan companion. Don't miss this truck.

For me, the standout is their incredible salmon sandwich with citrus salsa. Additionally, let's applaud this truck, and a handful of others, for their captivating exterior paint jobs. Pepper Pott's graffiti-style truck is a work of art.

  1. Ocean Delights

The lobster roll! It's impeccably fresh, buttery, and utterly delightful. What adds to the charm is the mother-daughter team behind this truck in Donelson – you're rooting for them from the moment you meet them. A word of advice: whenever possible, call ahead to place your order. I waited 55 minutes for mine, but after that first bite of the lobster roll, it was worth every minute!

Easily the city's best lobster roll. So lusciously buttery. And the slightly spicy sauce that accompanies it perfectly complements the sweet lobster.

  1. Bob's Fish Fry

I hate to be melodramatic, but this might just be the finest fried fish in all of Nashville. I indulged in the Nashville hot fish dinner, complete with delicious pinto beans, perfectly fresh hush puppies, and their unique rendition of a reunion salad, essentially a mild pico de gallo. Even the French fries were exceptional. The long lines are a testament to their excellence.

Mack's ecstatic expression while holding this fried fish in the photo above says it all. That grin is the real deal. I confess, I had low expectations – fried fish from a truck? It couldn't possibly be good. How wrong I was. They've mastered the art of perfectly spiced batter, just the right amount of it, and an impeccable fry on beautiful pieces of fish.

  1. The Inka Trailer

The first time I sampled this Peruvian food truck at the Nashville Farmers' Market, I was genuinely blown away. The best ceviche I've ever tasted in Nashville comes from a food truck? Absolutely, yes. It's hard to look past that dish, especially on a hot day. Still, I wholeheartedly endorse the lomo saltado and the chicken empanadas, which were a lifesaver for me at Bonnaroo, I'm fairly certain.

Truly fantastic, incomparable food that cannot be replicated in Nashville. I wholeheartedly agree with Mack; this is the ultimate ceviche experience, anywhere. What's even more admirable about The Inka Trailer is Chef Marcio Florez's active partnership with World Central Kitchen, dedicated to feeding the hungry.

If The Inka Trailer ever transitions to a brick-and-mortar establishment, it would undoubtedly secure a high rank on our annual list of the Top 25 Nashville restaurants. (Hint hint to all you Nashville venture capitalists. Let's make this dream a reality!)

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