A food truck owned by Filipinos is flourishing in the United States

The food truck industry is on the rise and has gained popularity for its convenient, high-profit concept, requiring lower investment than traditional restaurants.

In Davao City, food trucks have become a common sight, with people enjoying coffee, sandwiches, and fries. Food trucks have also become a booming business, especially in highly urbanized areas across the country.

A food truck owned by Filipinos is flourishing in the United States

In the United States, food trucks are ubiquitous, and one Filipino-owned food truck in Los Angeles, California, is capturing the attention of a diverse clientele, including Hollywood celebrities and sports stars. Eric and Gena Criste established GC Crepemakers, Inc., a well-known business that operates the Batterberries Café food truck, which serves delectable sweet and savory crepes, paninis, sandwiches, waffles, burgers, and more. They have earned a Grade A rating from the Department of Health, indicating their commitment to cleanliness and compliance with regulations.

Founded in 2010, Batterberries Café has revolutionized the dining experience for its customers. Their food truck stands out as a gathering spot, attracting patrons with its signature offerings.

Eric, a Master Chef with a dream of owning his own restaurant, ensures the quality of the food and customer satisfaction. His background in Business Management and Accounting, along with Gena's support, allowed them to research their market and identify their target customers. Their hard work and determination paid off, a trait commonly seen among Filipinos abroad.

The couple plans to expand their business, with an upcoming brick-and-mortar location in Hollywood. They operate their food truck every Saturday at the Los Feliz Flea Market and every Sunday at the Melrose Trading Post – Fairfax High School. Additionally, they offer catering services that have received positive feedback from clients.

With their four children actively involved in the business, Eric and Gena have created a family-driven operation that provides exceptional food and service. Their success abroad reflects the strong work ethic and determination of Filipinos who seek opportunities and build their niche in foreign lands.

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