Indulge in Gyros, Pizza, and Camaraderie: Discover the Beloved Food Trucks at WCU

For years now, food trucks have been a staple on Church Street, serving West Chester University students delectable dishes from around the world. While some food trucks disappeared during the pandemic, fresh additions have emerged, adding even more diversity to the campus dining scene. However, one thing remains constant: students' insatiable appetite for food truck fare.

Indulge in Gyros, Pizza, and Camaraderie: Discover the Beloved Food Trucks at WCU

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the hardworking individuals behind Greek Express and Sabatino's, two food trucks that have been a cherished part of West Chester University for over a decade. I couldn't help but wonder what led them to choose West Chester out of all the nearby schools and, more importantly, what brought them back to campus post-pandemic.

Edward, a friendly face at Greek Express, shared his perspective with a smile. "I enjoy working here because of the students! Interacting with them one-on-one is the highlight of my day." Greek Express, a family-owned business, has been a campus fixture since 2012. Edward explained that the students' warm reception and the strong sense of community at West Chester keep them coming back.

Sabatino, the owner of the Sabatino's food truck, echoed these sentiments. "It's conveniently close to my home, but more importantly, this is a fantastic university with exceptional students!" Sabatino's food truck has graced the campus for an impressive 12 years and plans to continue doing so. Their menu offers a tantalizing array of Italian cuisine, and when asked for recommendations, Sabatino beamed and proclaimed, "Everything on the menu! It's all delicious." A student waiting for their order couldn't agree more, sharing that they visit Sabatino's for lunch every day.

Sabatino mentioned owning a restaurant on 1316 West Chester Pike and another chain on 901 Boot Road. When asked about what makes his food truck a favorite among West Chester University students, he confidently replied, "The food is exceptional; everyone says it's the best in West Chester!" Although he couldn't pinpoint specific favorites among students, he noted that most tend to gravitate towards the breakfast offerings.

In contrast, Edward believes that Greek Express's popularity among West Chester students stems from the personal connections they build. "We're on a first-name basis with many students because fostering strong relationships with them is important to Greek Express. They love coming here to engage with us." When your daily interactions revolve around college students, it's almost inevitable to be influenced by their preferences. Edward mentioned that they are always open to feedback and suggestions from the student community on how to improve their menu and better serve their customers.

I asked third-year West Chester student Audrey about her favorite dishes at Greek Express, and she raved about their delicious breakfast options, which she highly recommends. While Edward agreed that most students tend to favor breakfast or rice platters, he couldn't help but express his love for the chicken gyros. "My grandmother makes them!" he exclaimed, pointing to his waving grandmother. "So, of course, it's the best item on the menu. It's incredibly delicious!"

Two West Chester students who had ordered from both food trucks expressed their appreciation for them and the positive impact they've had on campus. However, they also felt that West Chester could benefit from more diverse food truck offerings, suggesting the addition of a fruit truck or one offering halal options.

Third-year West Chester student Winston concurred, stating, "These food trucks are a vital part of the community and enjoy widespread popularity among students. However, we could use a wider variety of food trucks. Perhaps an African food truck!"

In conclusion, a heartwarming pattern emerges from these conversations. The West Chester community's affection for food trucks extends beyond the delightful dishes they serve. It's the personal connections forged over time that truly set these food trucks apart. These rolling restaurants are more than just places to eat, and West Chester students are more than just customers. Through friendly conversations with Edward and Sabatino and each mouthful of lovingly prepared cuisine, we as a community cultivate enduring friendships and nurture a sense of togetherness that makes the campus feel like home.

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