Korea Taqueria and Burrito Feliz food trucks offer unique Mexican favorites

Korea Taqueria is a Korean-Mexican fusion eatery, founded by Alexander Sherack and Rene Lopez, each drawing inspiration from their Korean and Hispanic backgrounds. Sherack, with Korean heritage, hails from Australia, while Chef Lopez's roots trace back to Mexico.

Korea Taqueria and Burrito Feliz food trucks offer unique Mexican favorites

United by their love for their mothers' home-cooked dishes, they discovered shared ingredients in the peppers used in their respective culinary traditions. Their journey began as a food cart in 2022, making appearances at breweries and festivals. In 2023, they established their first brick-and-mortar location in Grays Ferry. Popular menu items include Korean Birria Tacos, Kimchi Cheese Fries, Quesadillas, and a Korean-style cheesesteak featuring bulgogi beef. They also offer a homemade watermelon agua fresca and vegan choices.

Having met while working in a shared kitchen, both chefs transitioned from food trucks to collaborating on Korea Taqueria.

Burrito Feliz specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, recognized by its distinctive green food truck adorned with a donkey emblem. Miguel Nolasco and his wife, Leticei Jolapa, immigrants from Puebla, Mexico, arrived in Philadelphia in 2008. They gained culinary experience working in various city restaurants, ultimately inspired to launch their food truck venture.

In 2018, Burrito Feliz began as a pushcart, later upgrading to a larger truck in 2019. The menu features birria tacos, chicken tinga tacos, baja shrimp tacos, and more. Burrito Feliz also caters and provides vegan options, with weekly location updates shared on Instagram.

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