3 Ninjas Transforms from Food Truck to a New Brick-and-Mortar Location in Liberty Lake

The 3 Ninjas restaurant in Liberty Lake is defying culinary norms by blending flavors from around the world. Featuring a diverse menu inspired by countries like Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and the United States, the eatery offers a tantalizing selection of bowls, sandwiches, wraps, tacos, salads, and more.

3 Ninjas Transforms from Food Truck to a New Brick-and-Mortar Location in Liberty Lake

Tymen Hofmann, one of the three owners and self-proclaimed "food assassins," emphasizes their refusal to conform to specific culinary categories. "We don't try to really fit into too many boxes," he explains. "There's no specific fusion; we just kind of throw it all together." Essentially, if it tastes good, they're all in.

With the recent establishment of their Liberty Lake location, the trio aims to introduce even more people to their unique brand of delicious nonconformity. The "three" in 3 Ninjas refers to Hofmann and his business partners, Steven Kitchens and Michael Anderson, who, having met in the Spokane food scene years ago, embarked on their flavors-exploding-from-everywhere concept.

Originally starting as a food truck in 2014 and later expanding to a small brick-and-mortar space in Kendall Yards in 2018, 3 Ninjas transitioned its focus to a larger sit-in/takeout location in Liberty Lake in 2022. The Liberty Lake spot, housed in a building shared with New Love Coffee and Maverick's Mens Hair, offers a tucked-away yet inviting dining experience.

Top-selling items on their menu include flavorful bowls, sandwiches, and wraps, each served with a side of house-made tortilla chips and salsa. The Italian Beef Sandwich, featuring steak, giardiniera, habanero aioli, and burgundy-infused au jus, exemplifies the taste explosion 3 Ninjas is known for. The Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, a customer favorite, combines grilled chicken or tofu with mushrooms, onions, peppers, sweet teriyaki glaze, Asian slaw, and pineapple salsa.

While many menu items can be adapted to be gluten-free or vegetarian, 3 Ninjas accommodates a diverse range of palates, including milder preferences. Customers can add spiciness to their liking with the restaurant's signature hot sauces, ranging from medium to ultra-spicy. These sauces, available for purchase, are crafted by the owners themselves and contribute to the unique culinary experience.

The Liberty Lake location boasts expanded seating compared to its predecessor in Kendall Yards, as well as a kitchen capable of accommodating a more extensive menu. The restaurant offers local beer, Coca-Cola products, and other beverages for purchase, along with its three signature hot sauces. Catering and take-out options are also available to cater to diverse preferences.

In addition to the gastronomic delights, 3 Ninjas emphasizes customer care. Owners frequently engage with customers, seeking feedback and ensuring satisfaction. Whitney Gummersall, a regular customer, appreciates the personal touch: "I've hardly ever been there when the owner or the main cook hasn't come out to say 'How's your food? Do you like it?' They care that I'm happy, which makes me happy."

Quirky, memorable, and downright delicious, 3 Ninjas has concocted a recipe for success that goes beyond the culinary norm. As Hofmann puts it, "We're a little weird. We want to be memorable. We want people to come in and go, 'Wow, that's weird art on the walls. The food's good. The people are a little bit nutty, but I'll come back.'

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