Hollywood Meets Philly: Bradley Cooper Slings Cheesesteaks in NYC Food Truck

Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper surprised New Yorkers by trading in his acting scripts for spatulas and turning into a cheesesteak maestro in a pop-up food truck event.

Hollywood Meets Philly: Bradley Cooper Slings Cheesesteaks in NYC Food Truck

Cooper, who famously worked in pizzerias during his younger years and starred in the 2015 film "Burnt," teamed up with Danny DiGiampietro, owner of the renowned Angelo's Pizzeria in South Philly, to launch the "Danny & Coop's Cheesesteaks" food truck. The pop-up event took place in bustling Greenwich Village, drawing in long lines of eager customers and curious onlookers.

A video posted on Angelo's Pizzeria's Instagram account captured the excitement, showcasing Cooper sporting a casual smile and greeting viewers with a friendly "Good afternoon, 'Brad' heads! Come on down, get a cheesesteak!"

The clip also revealed the team's crisp white hoodies emblazoned with the "Danny and Coops" logo, further emphasizing the brand's new venture. The location was confirmed as West Third Street near Sixth Avenue, adding to the buzz amongst locals and foodies alike.

Cooper's unexpected culinary turn left many in awe, with comments like "Bradley Cooper just casually slinging cheesesteaks ok," and "Didn't make it but I'll always wonder how good these cheesesteaks really are." Others joked about making a mad dash to the truck, highlighting the event's popularity.

The desire for "Danny and Coops" to expand to Philadelphia was evident in several comments. "Why New York? We live in Philly," and "For the love of God, do this in PHILLY," were just some of the requests from cheesesteak enthusiasts eager to try the new creation.

Adding to the star power, Bradley Cooper's rumored girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, was spotted at the truck holding a bag of goodies, while his ex, Irina Shayk, also made an appearance.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the pop-up event was more than just a publicity stunt. It was a strategic move by Cooper and DiGiampietro to introduce the authentic flavors of Philadelphia cheesesteaks to a new audience. DiGiampietro assured everyone that despite the New York location, the cheesesteaks remained true to theirPhilly roots.

While the pop-up event was short-lived, it served as a delicious test run to gauge New Yorkers' appetite for Philadelphia's iconic dish. The success of the "Danny & Coops" venture leaves fans wondering whether this might be the beginning of a more permanent culinary collaboration between Bradley Cooper and the world of cheesesteaks.

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