Special Eats food truck is set to unveil a new dessert shop and launch a brand-new food truck next year

Throughout the past year, Special Eats has been making a meaningful impact on the community, serving up crispy, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches that have become a local favorite.

Special Eats food truck is set to unveil a new dessert shop and launch a brand-new food truck next year

Now, taking a significant stride forward, Special Eats is diversifying its offerings by introducing an extra "S" to its menu—desserts.

In the upcoming year, Special Eats is set to open a second food truck and its inaugural brick-and-mortar store, both exclusively dedicated to serving sweet treats and a variety of other delightful goodies.

Tamara Varga, co-owner of Special Eats, shared that the decision to venture into the world of sweets arose from a recognized need for dessert trucks in the community. Special Eats Sweets will not only be a mobile truck but will also establish a retail space in midtown to house their bakery.

The inception of Special Eats traces back to 2022 when their iconic yellow food truck made its debut in Tucson. Varga's teenage son, who has special needs, faced challenges finding employment due to the unwillingness of some businesses to accommodate or train individuals with special needs. Determined to create opportunities, Varga, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which allows for adjusted wages for workers with disabilities, decided to establish Special Eats.

Coordinating with her friend and now business partner, William Harman, who also has a child with special needs and a background in the food industry, they launched Special Eats to provide employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.

Specializing in gourmet grilled cheese, the food truck quickly gained popularity for its unique offerings, including sandwiches featuring ingredients like chicken with green chile, candied bacon with jalapeños, and beef with grilled onions.

Beyond culinary delights, Special Eats also offers homemade gift baskets, jewelry, and merchandise—all crafted by their dedicated staff. The artistic touch is provided by Ben, an employee responsible for creating distinctive drawings on each to-go bag.

Despite being in business for just a year, Special Eats has decided to expand its horizon by adding desserts to the menu. The new location, strategically situated near Fifth Street and Rosemont Boulevard, will offer a variety of sweet treats, including snow cones, ice cream, cookies, milkshakes, and brownies. The building will also host their new art program, featuring jewelry and gift baskets.

Tamara Varga emphasized the collective effort of the team in preparing for Special Eats Sweets, describing it as a step-by-step journey. The goal is to open the dessert ventures in January, offering the community a delightful new experience.

"Our mission is to employ and empower individuals with special needs, and that's really what we're doing," Varga affirmed. "They get up every day with a purpose, they feel part of this community, and they get a paycheck, which most of them have never had a paycheck... The special needs community continues to grow at a really fast pace. We need to have something for them to do and a place for them to work."

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