Topeka's DJ's Catering Food Truck Expands with a Restaurant

Topeka's DJ's Catering, renowned for its popular food truck, is gearing up to launch a brick-and-mortar establishment to better serve the local community. Owned by Dan Berthiaume, the new restaurant will be situated at 4140 S.W. Huntoon St., a move prompted by the strategic location and the increasing demand for their signature offerings such as hot dogs and pulled pork nachos.

Expressing gratitude for the community's support, Berthiaume anticipates a successful venture into the world of walk-in dining. The expanded menu at DJ's Catering restaurant will retain favorites from the food truck and introduce exciting additions like subs and seafood. Berthiaume shares his enthusiasm, saying, "So, I'll be able to offer much better options." Notable among the new offerings is an Italian sub for quick and high-quality sandwich options.

The diverse menu will also feature a focus on potatoes, transforming the nacho menu into a potato-based delight. Moreover, seafood lovers can look forward to New England-style fish and chips and fried clams. Prices at DJ's Catering range from $8 to $14, with counter-style seating available for at least 20 patrons. However, Berthiaume emphasizes that the primary focus will be on takeout services, with plans to manage staff and operations efficiently for optimal productivity.

Berthiaume plans to keep the restaurant's management streamlined, handling most tasks independently to maintain the quality and service expectations. The food trucks will still be available for larger community events, ensuring DJ's Catering remains a versatile presence in Topeka.

The grand opening of the new restaurant is scheduled for April, offering dine-in options from Monday through Friday. Until then, the location will host various food trucks on different days and times, providing a preview of the diverse culinary experiences to come. To stay updated on the featured food trucks, patrons can follow DJ's Catering on its Facebook page.

DJ's Catering, initiated by Berthiaume in 2021, has experienced significant growth since its inception. Starting with a reconstructed pop-up camper, Berthiaume expanded to a larger truck, citing a positive business trajectory. Actively involved in the Topeka Food Truck Festival committee, Berthiaume is optimistic about the flourishing small business scene in Topeka, noting the remarkable increase in food trucks and community engagement over the past few years. He sees this venture as a natural progression in response to Topeka's thriving business environment.

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