Top-Rated Food Trucks Make Waves in South Africa

Embarking on a culinary journey in South Africa often involves more than just brick-and-mortar restaurants. The country's vibrant food scene spills onto the streets with vintage vans, trailers, and buses serving up some of the most delectable dishes. Join us as we explore the top food trucks across different regions, from the Western Cape to Gauteng, and down to Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

Holy Macaroni

Western Cape:

  1. Holy Macaroni:

    • Location: Gardens, Street Food Social, Newlands (Ashley Cooper House)
    • Details: Specialists in old-fashioned Mac 'n' Cheese with modern twists, Holy Macaroni offers a unique culinary experience. From The Hangover to Marley, their diverse toppings and bacon and feta-studded Mac Balls are culinary delights.
  2. AndRoc’s:

    • Location: Kommetjie
    • Details: Famous for their Brunch Bun, AndRoc’s serves up a freshly baked delight topped with bacon, fried egg, and secret chilli relish. Don't miss their Snoek Pâté & Sesame Seed Ciabatta Open Toastie for a taste of coastal goodness.
  3. M’s Coffee-2-Go:

    • Location: N7, Moorreesburg
    • Details: Offering the highest quality coffee and fire-baked roosterkoek, M’s Coffee-2-Go is a floral van delight. Try their roosterkoek favorites, including chicken mayo and biltong with cheese and chutney, paired with frappés, milkshakes, and fruit slushies.
  4. The Bali Food Truck:

    • Location: Cape Town
    • Details: Indulge in Indonesian delights with signature dishes like nasi goreng, beef rendang, and chicken satay. Experience their pop-up 'Rijsttafel' (Rice Table) with 15 Indonesian dishes for a culinary journey.
  5. Boulevard 82 Food Truck:

    • Location: Kenilworth, Cape Town
    • Details: Immerse yourself in a Capetonian approach to Mediterranean street food. Boulevard 82 offers canapés, mushroom arancini, poke bowls, and the crowd-pleaser - buttermilk-fried chicken burgers. They also feature a new mobile caravan bar stocked with a variety of beverages.


  1. Noodsjoint:

    • Location: Johannesburg
    • Details: This edgy truck is known for serving the baddest noodles in Johannesburg. From Sichuan beef noodles to oriental chicken curry noodles, Noodsjoint caters to those with a penchant for bold flavors.
  2. Tacokombi:

    • Location: Hazel Food Market, Pretoria
    • Details: Indulge in award-winning Mexican street food with Tacokombi. From tacos to fiery jalapeño poppers and extra cheesy nachos, this truck brings the vibrant flavors of Mexico to Pretoria.
  3. FrozenYO:

    • Location: Johannesburg
    • Details: Satisfy your sweet tooth with FrozenYO's frozen yogurt made from local yogurt full of live cultures and probiotics. Choose from gourmet flavors and a variety of toppings for a delightful frozen treat.
  4. Eighty8’s:

    • Location: Johannesburg (Mobile)
    • Details: Offering a range of food trucks and trailers, Eighty8’s caters to diverse entertaining needs. From harvest tables to Asado grills, pizzas to paella, this mobile culinary team brings a variety of flavors to events across South Africa.
  5. TurnUp Food Truck:

    • Location: Johannesburg, Durban (Mobile)
    • Details: TurnUp Food Truck is a party-on-wheels with a custom-built sound system, plasma screen, and restaurant-grade kitchen. They serve street food favorites like smash burgers, New York-style hot dogs, and gourmet 'boerie' rolls.


  1. Fudart strEATERY:

    • Location: Durban
    • Details: The big orange bus, Fudart strEATERY, is an upmarket kitchen on wheels serving a diverse menu from gourmet burgers to fine dining dishes. Favorites include Asian chili chicken bao buns, dim sum, and Mexican nachos.
  2. Roti & Chai:

    • Location: Umhlanga, Florida, Suncoast
    • Details: Authentic Indian cuisine on wheels, Roti & Chai brings tandoori chicken, lamb, wraps, stuffed parathas, and traditional Indian drinks to the streets of Durban.

Eastern Cape:

  1. Balkan Burger:

    • Location: Gqeberha
    • Details: Some claim it's 'the best burger in the universe.' Balkan Burger serves triple A-grade beef with their secret sauce, creating a burger masterpiece. Recently opening their first flagship store at Boardwalk Mall, they continue to tantalize taste buds.
  2. The Wafelbak:

    • Location: Qheberha (Weekdays at Nelson Mandela University)
    • Details: Spoil yourself with Liege-style Belgian waffles served with home-made ice creams. The toffee sauce topping and Crispy Chicken Fillet Waffle Burger are must-tries.
  3. Foongs:

    • Location: Chicky’s Yard, Gqeberha
    • Details: An Asian mobile kitchen offering dim sum, spring rolls, noodles, and sweet-and-sour chicken. Foongs takes pride in using organic Asian veggies specially grown for them.

These top food trucks in South Africa are not just places to grab a quick bite; they are culinary destinations on wheels, offering unique and diverse flavors to satisfy every palate. Follow their routes, track their pop-ups, and be sure to consider them for your next private party, wedding, or corporate event. Let the wheels of gastronomic creativity roll as you explore the delicious offerings of South Africa's finest food trucks.

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