Flying High with Flavor: The Crowes Nest Food Truck Delights Taste Buds

In July of last year, culinary dreams took flight for Stephen and Kristin Crowe as they launched their food truck business, the Crowes Nest, amidst the vibrant setting of the Dust Bowl. Surpassing their expectations, the couple is now on a culinary journey, leaving a mark with their delectable offerings.

Stephen's culinary journey began years ago at the Campbell Club, igniting his passion for cooking and laying the foundation for his dream of owning a restaurant. With nearly nine years at Ragu and Glenmore, Stephen's experience solidified his skills and commitment to the culinary world.

Kristin, with 15 years at U.S. Bank, is equally dedicated to her career. However, the allure of the culinary adventure with the Crowes Nest has become a shared passion for the couple.

The Crowes Nest specializes in a limited yet enticing menu, focusing on their expertise in chicken preparation. Stephen envisions expanding into a full-fledged restaurant in the coming years, building on the success of their food truck venture.

The star of their menu is the Buttermilk Chicken, a meticulously crafted dish marinated in their own brine, soaked in pickle brine, and hand-breaded in their unique flour seasoning. Kristin emphasizes the dedication they put into each preparation, ensuring a distinct and delightful flavor.

One standout item is the Sloppy Crowe, a grilled chicken creation reminiscent of a pulled pork sandwich. The Hot Honey Chicken, adorned with their signature sauce and coleslaw, has quickly become a crowd favorite.

Adding a sweet touch to their offerings, the Crowes Nest delights customers with funnel cake fries – a perfect complement to their savory dishes.

Embracing their community, the food truck regularly caters to local businesses like UniFirst and Glenmore. The couple also extends their culinary reach to the public, making appearances at events such as the upcoming session at Seven Hills Elementary, providing a taste of their culinary creations to all.

As the Crowes Nest continues to soar, Stephen and Kristin maintain an active presence on social media, sharing their locations, events, and updates on their Facebook page. With a promise of unique flavors and a commitment to excellence, the Crowes Nest food truck has become a must-try for local food enthusiasts.

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