Braving the Chill: New Genesee County Food Truck Keeps Serving Up Deliciousness in Winter

Forget the winter hibernation, MexiCrunch Food Truck is defying the seasonal trend, bringing steaming hot Mexican dishes to hungry Genesee County residents. Launched in December 2023 by sisters Jessica Jennings and Sarahi Mercado, the vibrant green truck isn't just another food truck; it's a testament to family recipes, entrepreneurial spirit, and a warm welcome even in the coldest months.

From Mom's Kitchen to the Community: "We wondered if anyone would buy our food during winter," Mercado confesses, "but we were surprised by the incredible response!" Stepping outside their comfort zone, the sisters turned their love for their mother's authentic Mexican cooking into a mobile feast. Each bite at MexiCrunch promises a taste of Mexico, passed down through generations and prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Flavorful Feasts on Wheels: Parked at the Rite Aid parking lot on 6026 Lapeer Road in Burton, MexiCrunch is hard to miss. While their schedule is currently flexible (serving once or twice a week), they plan to expand their presence across the county soon. Their menu, a delicious journey through Mexican cuisine, features:

  • Taco de Barbacoa: Tender stew beef nestled in a homemade tortilla, dressed with cilantro, onions, limes, and their signature salsa.
  • Gorditas: Think "Mexican hamburgers" – thick, fluffy tortillas stuffed with your choice of meat, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese.
  • Empadillas: Crispy fried quesadillas filled with cheese and your choice of meat, topped with lettuce and sour cream for a satisfying crunch.

Spice lovers rejoice! MexiCrunch offers a range of sauces, from mild to "fiery fiesta," catering to every palate.

Family, Food, and Future: Both Jennings and Mercado, Flint natives now residing in Grand Blanc, see this venture as a family affair. Their sister-in-law's workplace, the Rite Aid parking lot, became their initial launchpad, symbolizing their close-knit support system.

With dreams of expanding their operation during the summer months, the sisters are already savoring the experience. "It's been amazing working with my sister," Mercado beams. "We're grateful for this opportunity and excited to share our family's flavors with the community."

So, next time you crave a taste of authentic Mexico, don't let the winter chill deter you. Seek out the vibrant green truck of MexiCrunch, and prepare to be warmed by their delicious food, family spirit, and entrepreneurial zest.

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