Ex-Avuncular Bob's Employees Bring Culinary Creations to Fort Collins Streets

A familiar name is returning to the Fort Collins food scene, albeit in a new form. This spring, Bobs, a food truck inspired by the cherished Avuncular Bob's Beerhouse, will hit the road, offering a taste of the beloved watering hole's spirit and delicious bites.

The brainchild of Robert Gardin and Kimmy Gall, both former Avuncular Bob's employees, Bobs was born from a desire to keep the community spirit alive after the bar's closure in November 2023. "Having worked there, you grew fond of the community Dan and Lenah built," said Gardin, referring to Avuncular Bob's co-owners Daniel Wilkerson and Lenah Gershman. "We didn't want to leave it there."

Their solution? Transforming a Denver food truck into Bobs. Currently in the final stages of conversion, the truck boasts an electrically powered kitchen, ensuring a sustainable and efficient operation. Before their official April launch, Bobs will participate in soft-opening events to gather feedback and refine their offerings.

Carrying the Torch with Familiar Flavors:

Bobs will honor Avuncular Bob's legacy by offering some of their most popular menu items, including the crowd-pleasing jalapeno poppers, pretzel bites, and pizza bites. However, they won't be limited to these favorites. Bobs plans to offer a diverse menu, featuring a wider range of options like tacos, patty melts, and hummus, catering to various taste buds and dietary preferences.

To support their launch and finalize preparations, Bobs has set up a GoFundMe page. The outpouring of community support highlights the enduring legacy of Avuncular Bob's and the anticipation surrounding Bobs' arrival.

So, keep an eye out for Bobs this spring. It promises to be a delicious and heartwarming addition to the Fort Collins food scene, carrying forward the spirit of community and offering a taste of Avuncular Bob's beloved flavors on wheels.

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