Island flavors on wheels: Boracay's first food truck wows international visitors

Juan Elizalde and Paolo Occhionero, the masterminds behind Boracay's beloved Aria Cucina Italiana, embarked on a new culinary adventure. This time, their vision wasn't just delicious, it was mobile. Boracay Beach Truck, the brainchild of their creative minds, was born.

A Food Truck Paradise in Paradise

Taking inspiration from the trendy food truck scene in Hawaii, California, and Florida, they brought this exciting concept to the shores of Boracay. The vibrant red truck, strategically located at the D'Mall entrance, instantly draws in a crowd of curious and hungry visitors.

Island Bowls: A Culinary Journey in Every Bite

Boracay Beach Truck offers two simple yet delightful concepts: Island Bowls and Sunrise Milktea.

Island Bowls cater to every craving, featuring rice, noodle, and soup options. Grab a quick take-out for a beachside picnic, or relax in their air-conditioned second floor for a more leisurely dining experience.

A Global Feast for Your Senses

Indulge in Pinoy favorites like the classic Lumpia (vegetarian, pork, or shrimp) or the decadent Banana Turon, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. But the real stars are the island bowls, a delicious passport to various global cuisines.

Savor the savory goodness of Japan's Abura Ramen, Indonesia's Chicken Satay, Korea's Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl, or Hawaii's refreshing Salmon Poke. Don't forget the Filipino classic, Chicken Adobo Rice Bowl, bursting with authentic local flavors.

Sunrise Milktea: The Perfect Refreshing Companion

No meal is complete without a refreshing drink. Sunrise Milktea offers a variety of ice-cold, tea-based beverages, from classic matcha and black tea to fruity concoctions and brown sugar delights. Choose your perfect level of sweetness to satisfy your unique taste buds.

Raving Reviews: A Global Crowd Pleaser

Boracay Beach Truck has become a favorite among international tourists, and their positive experiences echo online.

From the "super delicious food" and "clean place" to the "great view" and "quick, cheap" service, the reviews consistently praise the truck's offerings.

Experience the World, One Bite at a Time

Boracay Beach Truck continues to tantalize taste buds with its mouthwatering island bowls and refreshing boba milkteas. Located at Station 2, D'Mall Entrance (main road, beside Budget Mart), they are open daily from 11AM to 11PM, with extended hours during peak seasons.

So, on your next Boracay adventure, be sure to embark on your own culinary journey at Boracay Beach Truck. You might just discover your new favorite food truck paradise!

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