Judy's on North rises again with food truck after fire

The aroma of sizzling carne asada and the familiar faces of loyal customers mark the triumphant return of Judy's on North, a beloved East Side restaurant. Just two months after a devastating fire shuttered their doors, owner Kevin Lopez has pivoted with resilience and resourcefulness, launching a vibrant food truck right outside the original location.

"It's just great to be back," Lopez beamed, excitement lacing his voice. The December 12th fire was a gut punch, leaving the dining room cloaked in smoke and the kitchen charred. Rebuilding the brick-and-mortar might take a year, a daunting prospect Lopez acknowledges. "It's still early to know, but the food truck helps us navigate this while keeping things going."

And "going" things certainly are. As the aroma of spices wafts through the air, a steady stream of customers forms, many of them familiar faces. John Kuehn, a regular, says, "I was heartbroken after the fire, but seeing this truck here makes me happy." His sentiment echoes the feelings of many; Judy's on North isn't just a restaurant, it's a community hub.

That sense of community was evident on Valentine's Day, the food truck's debut. Loyal patrons swarmed the truck, their support warming Lopez's heart. "Seeing their faces, knowing they're with us, brings so much joy," he shares.

The food truck serves a pared-down menu, focusing on Judy's on North's signature tacos. The juicy fillings, wrapped in warm tortillas, are a testament to the restaurant's legacy. This week, they operate from 5 pm to midnight, culminating in a grand opening next week. Expect special food deals and expanded hours - 11 am to midnight - as they celebrate their culinary comeback.

Judy's on North's story is one of resilience, fueled by the spirit of community and the love for good food. While the wait for the brick-and-mortar's return might be long, the food truck offers a delicious reminder that the heart of Judy's on North continues to beat strong. So, grab a taco, support a local hero, and be part of this inspiring comeback story.

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