Taste the World in Every Bite: New Food Truck Hits the Streets of Pensacola

When the pandemic grounded globetrotting chefs Steven Chang and Mike Riccio, they channeled wanderlust into a delicious new venture: No Borders Street Food. Joined by business partner Imarah Thompson, they're bringing the vibrant flavors of international street eats to Pensacola.

"Travel wasn't just about sightseeing," says Chang. "It was about the stalls, the street food, the vendors – that's where you get the culture." So, they built a food truck concept around "feeding the masses" with accessible, globally-inspired fare. Expect dishes priced between $6-$7, making them perfect for a quick, flavorful bite or a communal feast.

Their menu encourages sharing, with dumplings, Chinese egg rolls, and other finger foods designed to be enjoyed amongst friends. "New generations have lost the joy of sharing meals," Chang laments. But don't worry, solo diners can savor heartier options too.

Get ready for familiar flavors with a No Borders twist: think Cajun jambalaya nestled inside an Italian arancini. Months of experimentation went into every detail, from the housemade cream sauce boasting roasted red peppers to the Sichuan chili oil dressing their Dan Dan noodles. "This is a labor of love, made by hand," Chang emphasizes. "From start to finish, it comes from these hands."

No Borders wants to broaden Pensacola's culinary horizons, showcasing the diverse culinary tapestry of different nations. Vietnam, for example, offers far more than just pho. The initial menu will be a delicious mainstay, but expect rotating specials as inspiration strikes.

"We want to transport you from the panini stands of Sicily to the bustling vendors of Asia," Riccio envisions. He hopes their food also challenges prejudices – like the spam in their Hawaiian-inspired musubi. "We want to break down those walls and stigmas," Chang adds.

Their mission is to reflect Pensacola's vibrant community through their food. "We're ready to share our passion and add to the city's growing food scene," Chang declares. Catch them at City Hall for lunch Tuesdays through Saturdays, and look out for them at upcoming festivals!

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