From Farm to Food Truck: Savoring Fermented Flavors in Kingston

Iggy's Alive & Cultured, a local leader in craft fermentation, has teamed up with culinary veterans Pam Buitenveld and John Delp to bring their unique vision to life – a food truck offering innovative street food that celebrates local ingredients and the magic of fermentation.

A Menu that Evolves with the Seasons:

The menu at Iggy's food truck is a dynamic creation, changing with the seasons to showcase the freshest local produce. It features Iggy's acclaimed fermented products, highlighting the synergy between local agriculture and the art of fermentation.

Familiar Faces, New Flavors:

For those who frequented Mossback, Buitenveld and Delp's former farm-to-table restaurant, there's a delightful surprise. Their cult-favorite Kimchi Pancake gets a makeover as a deep-fried Kimchi Waffle, drizzled with fermented ginger mayonnaise and topped with hot honey and fresh scallions.

Beyond the Food:

The enthusiasm extends beyond the delicious offerings. General manager Paul McClellan shares, "We're directly in contact with farmers. We take their skillfully and passionately grown produce and transform it into fermented food and drinks. Our chefs then turn them into dishes served directly to the community."

A Community Hub in the Making:

Iggy's vision goes beyond just food. They plan to expand their outdoor seating and introduce live music, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for the community.

From Humble Beginnings to Regional Recognition:

Iggy's journey began in 2012 on Bainbridge Island, eventually establishing their headquarters in Kingston in 2022. Their dedication to local sourcing and innovative fermentation has earned them regional recognition. Their products are now available in over 350 locations across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, with several local stores carrying their offerings.

The Future of Fermented Fare:

McClellan sees a bright future for Iggy's, stating, "We see a lot of room in the market for these craft-made ferments. People are still learning about the benefits of fermented food and beverages, not just for gut health, but also for overall well-being."

Experience the Taste of Community:

So, if you're looking for a unique and delicious dining experience that celebrates local agriculture and innovative culinary techniques, head down to Iggy's Food Truck in Kingston. You might just discover your new favorite food haven, while becoming part of a vibrant and growing community.

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