From Grange Fair Favorite to Year-Round Foodie Haven: Farmstead Fusion Takes Flight

Meet the masterminds behind Farmstead Fusion, Skylar Diehl and Kacee Burke, who are taking their beloved Grange Fair experience on the road with a brand new food truck!

For those familiar with the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair, the name "Twin B Farms Gourmet Hamburger" might ring a bell. Since 2018, these sister-in-laws have been captivating fairgoers with their mouthwatering creations, featuring all-natural ingredients raised right on Burke's family farm, Twin B Farms in Stormstown. Their signature "jam and bacon" burgers and the "Forager Burger" with its unique morel mushroom inclusion have become legendary, drawing dedicated fans from all corners.

But Diehl and Burke's passion for food extends far beyond the fleeting fair season. Their success at the Grange Fair, coupled with consistent inquiries about where customers could find their delicious offerings year-round, sparked a flame of inspiration. In February 2024, they proudly announced the launch of Farmstead Fusion, much to the delight of their loyal following.

Farmstead Fusion promises to be more than just your average food truck. Diehl, with her expertise as executive chef at The Penn Stater, and Burke, with her deep connections in local agriculture, are crafting a "foodie experience" unlike any other. Their menu will be a vibrant tapestry of seasonal offerings, showcasing the bounty of local farms and supporting the very community that has nurtured them.

"We want to share the stories of the farms we're working with," says Burke, highlighting their commitment to community-driven sustainability. Diehl echoes the sentiment, emphasizing how Farmstead Fusion fosters "local support, helping others do what Twin B Farms is doing."

While the official launch menu is still under development, Diehl has a treasure trove of ideas brewing. Imagine a "soup flight" featuring seasonal delights, or a "healthy, vegetarian salad" bursting with fresh, vibrant flavors. The possibilities are truly endless, and they extend beyond the food truck itself.

Farmstead Fusion will also be offering pre-made meals through Centre Markets. These "ready-to-heat" options cater to busy lifestyles, providing delicious and convenient lunch or dinner solutions. From Asian-inspired pork meatballs to family-friendly oven-ready meals, there's something for everyone.

Mark your calendars, food enthusiasts! Farmstead Fusion will be making its debut at the Rooted Farmstead Spring Market on May 4th, followed by appearances at Homestead Day at The Heirloom Farmer on May 18th, the Boalsburg Memorial Day Celebration, and the People's Choice Festival in July. They're also exploring partnerships with local wineries and breweries, further enriching the community experience.

While the beloved Twin B Farms stand remains a permanent fixture at the Grange Fair, Farmstead Fusion's participation is yet to be determined. "It takes a lot of manpower," Diehl explains, referring to the fair's demanding schedule. However, the success of 2023, where they were finally able to enjoy the fair experience alongside their dedicated staff, hints at a positive future for both ventures.

So, keep an eye out for the vibrant Farmstead Fusion food truck, and get ready to embark on a delicious journey that celebrates local flavors, community spirit, and the passion of two culinary visionaries!

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