From Ice Cream Dreams to Killer B Salads: Lisa Whelan's Food Truck Journey

Lisa Whelan's path to food truck ownership wasn't a straight shot. Inspired by her father's days as an ice cream truck driver, Lisa harbored a long-time dream of running her own mobile eatery. The opportunity finally arrived in the form of a used truck found on Martha's Vineyard.

Lisa, a seasoned restaurant professional, was eager for a new challenge. However, her meticulously planned 2018 launch was thrown a curveball by the pandemic. Forced to delay her opening by a month, Lisa found herself navigating a unique market.

"With many restaurants closed," Lisa recalls, "business boomed. People were eager for outdoor dining options."

While the pandemic presented unexpected success, it also brought challenges. Mastering the art of driving a large food truck was a learning curve. Lisa's first mishap involved a misjudged maneuver and a collision with a shipping container – a baptism by bump for her fledgling business.

Permits, a necessary hurdle for any food vendor, were a breeze compared to the restaurant industry's labyrinthine regulations. "It's a process," Lisa acknowledges, "but not a daunting one."

The fun part, of course, is the food. Lisa's menu features creative concoctions like the "Killer B Salad," a vibrant mix of greens, bacon, blueberries, Brussels sprouts, and blue cheese. Summer, however, brings a shift in focus.

"During peak season," Lisa explains, "simplicity reigns. People want delicious, fast meals."

Lisa thrives on this adaptability. For her, the food truck offers a refreshing change from the restaurant world. "There's more flexibility," she says. "If I don't feel like working on a Tuesday, I don't have to." The positive customer interactions are another perk. "Everyone's happy," Lisa smiles, "it's a perfect balance."

Lisa's story is an ode to perseverance and the joys of a career change. It's a testament to the adaptability and resilience required to navigate the twists and turns of the food industry, all while serving up delicious fare.

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