A Culinary Carnival: The Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival Takes Over the Town

The asphalt sizzled beneath the South Carolina sun as nearly 90 food trucks, a rumbling testament to culinary ambition, converged on the former Myrtle Square Mall parking lot. This wasn't your average lunch break; it was the seventh annual Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival, the state's largest gathering of its kind.

This year, the festival flexed its muscles, moving to a bigger, more accommodating venue. The change was a reflection of its growing popularity, with thousands of eager attendees flocking to the event, their taste buds abuzz with anticipation.

Food trucks were the undisputed stars of the show. From towering stacks of juicy burgers to rainbow-colored tacos overflowing with fresh ingredients, the offerings were a kaleidoscope of flavors. The aroma of sizzling meats and bubbling sauces hung heavy in the air, a tantalizing invitation to explore this moveable feast.

But the festival wasn't just about satisfying appetites. Live music filled the air, adding a vibrant energy to the event. Local artisans showcased their crafts, offering festival-goers a chance to take home a unique piece alongside a belly full of delicious food.

News 13 caught up with some of the food truck owners, many of them seasoned veterans of the festival circuit. Kaylea Holt, the owner of both Holt Grill & Co. and Lincoln's Brews, beamed as she spoke about the event. "It's fantastic to see familiar faces," she said, "but I'm also excited to unveil our new truck this year!"

The excitement was contagious. Reina Flores and Anier Colon-Flores, the mother-daughter team behind Little Latin Kitchen, were back for their second year. Their empanadas were a runaway hit, drawing in lines of curious customers. "Business has been amazing," Reina exclaimed, "but what truly warms our hearts is being one of the few Puerto Rican food trucks around. Introducing people to our culture and traditions through food—that's a special feeling."

The Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival is a celebration of delicious food, vibrant music, and local ingenuity. It's a chance to indulge your taste buds, support small businesses, and discover hidden culinary gems, all under the warm South Carolina sun. And with the festival running until 5 p.m. on Sunday, there's still plenty of time to join the party!

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