From Food Trucks to Brick and Mortar Dreams: Amber Donahue and Samurai Sombrero Forge New Paths

Amber Donahue, former owner of the beloved Pit on Tucson's Eastside, is embarking on a new venture: Truck to Table. This innovative concept will combine a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant with a dedicated space for up to eight permanent food trucks, offering a vibrant culinary experience for Tucsonans.

Donahue envisions Truck to Table as a hub for diverse flavors and a testament to the success of her previous venture. "The Pit wouldn't have been possible without the amazing food trucks," she acknowledges. Some of those same trucks, like Samurai Sombrero, are even considering joining her at the new location near Grant and Country Club.

While the permitting process, including navigating challenges like Grant Road's expansion project, has pushed back the original March opening date, Donahue remains optimistic. Construction is expected to start soon, with a goal of opening before summer.

Meanwhile, Samurai Sombrero, a familiar face from The Pit, has carved its own path. They recently celebrated the grand opening of their new location at American Eat Co., offering not just their signature fare but also a dedicated sushi bar. While their current focus is on these two locations, owning their own brick-and-mortar restaurant remains a long-term dream.

"The Pit gave us a chance to build a loyal customer base," says Gabriela Delgadillo, co-owner of Samurai Sombrero. "We're incredibly grateful for that stability." They're already seeing familiar faces from The Pit at their new location, a testament to the power of community support.

Both Donahue and Delgadillo's stories highlight the dynamism of Tucson's culinary scene. As Donahue creates a haven for established and aspiring food trucks, Delgadillo expands her own culinary vision. One thing remains constant: appreciation for the loyal customers who have helped them flourish.

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