Coop's Pit BBQ Smokin' with Success Thanks to the "Keith Lee Effect"

Miami's Coop's Pit BBQ is smokin' hot – and it's not just the grill. The family-owned food truck is experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to a surprise visit from social media food influencer, Keith Lee. Lee, a former UFC fighter turned internet foodie with a massive 16.3 million strong TikTok following, rolled up to Coop's Pit on Memorial Day, instantly turning up the heat for the Cooper family business.



Torris Cooper, co-owner alongside his brothers Rhaudal Jr. and Kelvin, and their father Rhaudal Sr., admits he was initially bewildered by Lee's arrival. "Never heard of Keith Lee," Cooper laughs, the Florida sun glinting off his face as he stands by the now-famous food truck. Lee's entourage, complete with security detail, only added to the initial confusion. But things got even more interesting when Lee requested a hefty $3,000 order. "Fraud or something," Cooper quips, recalling his initial thought process.

Little did Cooper know, he was about to witness the "Keith Lee Effect" firsthand. Lee, known for his unscripted restaurant reviews and massive online influence, was giving Coop's Pit BBQ the ultimate stamp of approval. The impact was immediate. As Lee filmed his review, a crowd began to gather, drawn in by the social media buzz. By the time Lee's glowing TikTok review dropped on Tuesday, Coop's Pit BBQ was already experiencing a surge in customer interest.

Lee's Miami arrival had been highly anticipated by his followers. When he announced his South Florida trip, his comment section exploded with restaurant recommendations, with Coop's Pit BBQ prominently mentioned. Lee, it seems, has a knack for sniffing out hidden culinary gems, and Coop's Pit perfectly fit the bill.

The Coopers are now basking in the afterglow of the "Keith Lee Effect." Long lines have become the new normal, with customers eager to try the barbecue that won over the internet's favorite foodie. "We're incredibly grateful," says Cooper Sr., the family patriarch. "Keith Lee not only brought us amazing business, but he also brought joy. Seeing the line of happy customers makes all the hard work worth it."

Coop's Pit BBQ is a testament to the power of social media and the influence of online personalities like Lee. It's a story of a family business, fueled by passion and tradition, suddenly finding itself in the spotlight. And for the Coopers, it's a delicious reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a single visit from the right influencer to turn your family recipe into a viral sensation.

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