Lexington's Beloved Eiffel Pizza Returns as a Food Truck, Thin-Crust Cravings Satisfied

Lexington, Kentucky, rejoice! A familiar name has risen from the ashes of the pandemic, and it's bringing its famous thin-crust pizza with it. Eiffel Pizza, a Lexington staple that closed its doors in February 2021 after nearly six years on Buckhorn Dr., has made a triumphant return – but this time, on wheels.


Eiffel Pizza's closure due to COVID-19 left a void in the hearts (and stomachs) of Lexington pizza lovers. The restaurant was known for its unique take on pizza, offering a thin and crispy crust that was a departure from the thicker styles more commonly found in the area.

But fear not, pizza purists! Thanks to the dedication of its owner, Eiffel Pizza has been reborn as a food truck. Fans can now track down their daily dose of delicious thin-crust goodness throughout Lexington.

Here's what you can expect from the new Eiffel Pizza experience:

  • The Same Delicious Thin Crust: The core element that won over Lexington in the first place remains unchanged. The food truck serves up the same mouthwatering thin-crust pizza that fans have been craving.
  • Halal Options Still Available: Eiffel Pizza was known for being one of the few, if not the only, place in Lexington to offer halal pizza. This tradition continues with the food truck, ensuring there are delicious options for everyone.
  • Finding the Food Truck: Unlike its brick-and-mortar predecessor, locating Eiffel Pizza now requires a bit more effort. The food truck doesn't have a fixed location, but devotees can follow their social media pages for daily updates on its whereabouts.

The return of Eiffel Pizza, even in a mobile format, has been met with excitement by the Lexington community. Social media is abuzz with reports of long lines and happy customers enjoying their long-awaited thin-crust fix.

So, Lexington, keep your eyes peeled (and social media feeds active) for the Eiffel Pizza food truck. When you spot it, be prepared to join the queue and savor the return of a local legend.

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