Mobile Feeding Pilot Program Begins on Camp Foster's Opening Day for US Marines and Navy Sailors

The Base Food Services Branch of Marine Corps Installations Pacific, in collaboration with Marine Corps Community Services, has introduced a Mobile Feeding Pilot Program on Camp Foster, beginning on October 4. This program offers enlisted personnel meals at no additional cost, outside of the mess hall. The initiative is in compliance with the DoD Financial Management Regulation of the Food Service Program, which allows for off-site meal options for eligible service members, offering a more diverse menu than the typical mess hall offerings.

Mobile Feeding Pilot Program Begins on Camp Foster's Opening Day for US Marines and Navy Sailors

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Arlie Miller, a food service officer with MCIPAC, MCB Camp Butler, highlighted the significance of this opportunity, stating, 'This is the first-ever opportunity where Marines and Sailors can use their meal entitlements somewhere besides mess halls. We want to enhance the quality of life for these service members by offering different menu items and variety for those who are looking for something else.'

Two food trucks, La Cocina and Chef Shack, are made available every Wednesday during October. To partake in this program, SIK service members simply need to show their military identification cards to the cashier before placing their orders. Chef Shack offers a range of hot dog styles, while La Cocina provides a variety of burritos, tacos, and chips.

The Mobile Feeding Pilot Program is currently in a trial phase, exclusive to SIK Marines and Sailors on Camp Foster. Data gathered during this experiment will determine the program's future. Accountability is a crucial part of the program, and all participants are required to present their ID cards. This documentation aids in funding programs that support SIK Marines and Sailors.

The program's development hinges on the data collected, and if results are positive, the initiative will expand. Future plans include offering more food trucks to choose from and increasing the frequency of these off-site dining options. The program aims to expand its reach from Okinawa to all Marine Corps installations in the Pacific, encompassing locations in Korea, mainland Japan, Guam, and Hawaii, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for Marines and Sailors in these regions.

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