Captain Mike's food truck, The Galley, offers complimentary Thanksgiving meals

Thursday marked the start of the holiday season, a time when people reflect on gratitude and embrace values like charity, kindness, family, and community. At Library Park that morning, over a hundred individuals enjoyed a complimentary Thanksgiving meal courtesy of The Galley, Captain Mike’s Beer and Burger Bar food truck.

Captain Mike's food truck, The Galley, offers complimentary Thanksgiving meals

The fourth annual Thanksgiving meal originated as a thank-you gesture in 2020, born out of the owners Mick and Jeanette Kelly's desire to give back to a community that supported them during the pandemic.

“It was us giving back after the community treated us so well during the pandemic,” Mick Kelly explained.

Since its inception, the event has grown significantly, serving up to 200 meals each year for members of the community facing various challenges or those unable to prepare their own Thanksgiving meals.

“This year’s event almost was a crisis, if not for the help of another local business,” Mick Kelly shared. Despite a breakdown, Firehouse Towing stepped in, bringing the food truck to the Simmons Library parking lot to ensure the meal distribution could proceed.

The success of the event was also attributed to the dedicated volunteers who supported The Galley. Jeanette Kelly expressed gratitude for the growing community support, emphasizing their commitment to serving and giving back.

“We’re grateful for the community; it just keeps growing,” Jeanette Kelly remarked, highlighting the spirit of unity and generosity that defines the annual Thanksgiving event.

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