New Vegan Ice Cream and Mocktail Food Truck Hits Tucson

Inspired by their shared love of food and board games, Warren and Gonzo envisioned a place where people could enjoy delicious treats while playing games like cornhole and Jenga. As a longtime vegan, Warren was determined to create soft-serve ice cream that everyone could enjoy. After experimenting with various recipes, they developed a vegan vanilla soft-serve base using a powder mix from a trusted vegan company, almond milk, salt, and flavorings. They then add a variety of toppings, including cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, and cinnamon toast crunch. Their signature flavor, the American Nightmare, features vanilla soft-serve layered with apple pie filling and Biscoff cookie crumbs.

In addition to soft-serve, Mockups Tucson also offers a selection of mocktails and sodas. Their menu includes homemade cola, coffee soda, and various mocktails like Jamaica Me Crazy (spiced hibiscus tea with lime) and the Reformed Brain Eater (grapefruit and lime juices, falernum, grenadine, and a cherry garnish).

Customers have praised the quality and taste of Mockups Tucson's offerings, with many non-vegans unable to tell the difference between their soft-serve and dairy-based ones. The truck has also resonated with members of the sober community, who appreciate their extensive mocktail menu.

Warren and Gonzo's vision for Mockups Tucson is to create an inclusive space where everyone can enjoy delicious treats, socialize, and try something new. The truck is open from 2-9 pm Wednesday through Saturday. For more information and updates on their location, follow Mockups Tucson on Instagram.