Las Vegas Welcomes the Permanent Establishment of the 'Chef' Food Truck"

Once annually, Chef Roy Choi receives the call he dreads from his friend, director Jon Favreau. It's the recurring request: would Choi join forces with him to bring to life the actual restaurant they conceptualized for the 2014 movie Chef?

Las Vegas Welcomes the Permanent Establishment of the 'Chef' Food Truck"

Favreau, renowned for directing Iron Man and creating The Mandalorian, reminisces, "It seemed easy on set. The food tasted as good, if not better, than it looked. So I've been like, 'We should do it as a restaurant.'"

Choi, somewhat exasperated, states, “It was like me handing him a script every year.”

While Choi enjoyed his role as a consultant and co-producer on Chef, a film depicting Favreau’s character tracing Choi’s culinary journey from fine dining to food trucks, the prospect of opening a restaurant was less appealing.

“Restaurants tear people apart,” Choi explains. “Everyone wants to open a restaurant until they open a restaurant. You could have three bad days, and you’re looking at closing your doors. It’s always like playoff basketball. The last thing I wanted to do was pull him into this stress. I found creative ways to say ‘no’ for 10 years. Like ‘Oh, this space looks nice, but let’s keep looking.’”

Choi, known for his food trucks, supermarket sauces, and the successful Best Friend restaurant in the Park MGM hotel in Las Vegas, seized an opportunity when MGM Resorts offered him a small space. With MGM handling the business side, Choi believed he and Favreau could focus on the creative aspects without the stress.

The Chef Truck, an actual truck permanently parked on the casino floor, serves iconic dishes from the film, such as chocolate lava cake and a vegetarian version of the Cubano sandwich.

Favreau expresses gratitude, saying, “That film was such an important part of my life, and to have it live on through this location and have people post a photo, it’s surreal.”

The immersive experience of The Chef Truck aligns well with the Vegas ambiance, attracting more fans than ever. Choi acknowledges the film's resurgence during the pandemic, especially with The Chef Show on Netflix. He emphasizes the truck's authenticity, ensuring fans would appreciate every detail.

Favreau, having launched Fairview Portals, a virtual reality company, aims to make dining more immersive. Choi reflects on the future of dining, wondering if it involves storytelling, directors, and writers in a way that captivates everyone.

They aspire to replicate their truck in airports, sports arenas, and anywhere business operations can be managed by others. Otherwise, Choi fears losing a friend in the process.

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