Biloxi's Great Food Truck Race: A Match Made in Heaven with Bao Bei and Wally's Waffles

The bustling excitement of Food Network's renowned reality competition, "The Great Food Truck Race," descended upon Biloxi over the weekend, turning the lawn in front of Harrah’s Casino into a vibrant culinary battleground. The scene featured a semicircle of six food trucks, each poised to conquer the taste buds of eager patrons who had gathered for the gastronomic spectacle. With Mississippi Coast's penchant for food trucks evident, local residents seized the opportunity to showcase their culinary enthusiasm while the camera crews captured the unfolding drama.

Against the backdrop of Harrah’s Casino, the six contenders embarked on a spirited mission to cater to the diverse cravings of the crowd. Lines snaked across the lawn, brimming with anticipation for a variety of delectable offerings sourced from different corners of the country. The 17th season of the show adhered to its straightforward premise: food truck contestants traversing various locations, with the one selling the least facing elimination.

Unfortunately, Down to Taco missed the journey to Biloxi from the previous stop in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Biloxi, however, presented its unique challenges, adding a meteorological twist to the competition. Despite temperatures hovering in the upper 50s and lower 60s, the fierce winds from the Mississippi Sound and sideways rain tested the resilience of both the participants and the patrons. Money fluttered in the wind, food spilled, and umbrellas snapped into trash cans, creating a chaotic yet visually captivating scene for the show's viewers.

Amidst the unpredictable weather, the competitors pressed on, serving with smiles and employing megaphones to attract customers. Biloxi residents were drawn to the distinctive offerings, evident in the long queues at Bao Bei and Wally’s Waffles. The latter enticed patrons with dessert-style waffle treats featuring chocolate and strawberries, while Bao Bei delighted with scratch-made dumplings.

Argentina’s Empanadas emerged as a crowd favorite, receiving accolades for its exotic dishes such as gaucho corn mac and tango beef in the MS Gulf Coast Foodies Facebook group. Despite the extended wait times, with some lines reportedly stretching for an hour, the allure of unique and flavorful offerings kept the spirits high.

Choosing Fishnets for their meal, some visitors avoided the lengthy queues. Hailing from Baltimore, Fishnets offered traditional seafood, with its blackened catfish tacos receiving praise for authenticity, well-seasoned catfish, and delectable coleslaw mixed with garlic sour cream. Sola Po-Boys added a local touch with an Asian twist, featuring dishes like the Asian pork po-boy and spicy shrimp and corn pasta. While the po-boy received positive reviews for its taste, there were mixed opinions about the portion size.

Plates on Deck brought a soulful touch to the competition with its soul food menu, quickly selling out. The trucks had one more day to charm the Coast on Sunday, continuing to serve from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Biloxi Public Beach at 1935 Beach Blvd, concluding a weekend filled with culinary excitement and fierce competition.

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