Killeen Food Truck: Filipino Fare with a Military Touch

Gertrudes Dyer, lovingly known as "Girly," may not have known how to cook when she met her soldier husband, but that didn't stop her from mastering the art of Filipino cuisine. Now, Girly's delicious dishes are on the move, bringing a taste of her native Pampanga region to Killeen with her new food truck, Pampanga's Country Cookin'.

Partnering with local veteran Larry Bruce, Girly has transformed a truck into a culinary haven, serving up authentic Filipino fare Wednesday through Sunday. Their friendly faces and mouthwatering menu are already winning over hearts (and stomachs) in Killeen.

From classic pancit noodles and crispy lumpia to the comforting calderita soup and unique Bicol dish featuring coconut milk and chayote, Pampanga's Country Cookin' offers a delicious adventure for the taste buds. But don't miss their signature sisig tacos – a fusion of Filipino flavors that's sure to tantalize.

Larry, a self-proclaimed "good eater," has a particular fondness for the "Firecracker Lumpia," a spicy version of the traditional spring roll. But be warned, they don't sell drinks! Instead, they've teamed up with neighboring HTeaO, encouraging customers to explore the wide variety of refreshing beverages right next door.

"We think it's a great collaboration," says Larry. "And it allows us to focus on what we do best – serve up authentic Filipino food that brings a taste of home to Killeen."

Want to skip the wait? Simply text your order to 254-332-0003 and it'll be ready for pick-up when you arrive. You can also browse their full menu on their Facebook page at Pampangas Cookin'.

So, come hungry and adventurous, because Pampanga's Country Cookin' is ready to take you on a culinary journey to the heart of the Philippines, right here in Killeen!

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