Bradenton Eateries Ace Health Inspections: 19 Restaurants and Food Trucks Earn High Marks

The diligent efforts of local restaurants in maintaining impeccable health standards often go unnoticed amidst the flurry of reports on establishments that fail to meet inspection criteria. Yet, it's equally important to acknowledge those eateries that consistently excel in ensuring the safety and well-being of their patrons. At the Bradenton Herald, we've heard the voices of our readers loud and clear, echoing the sentiment that such establishments deserve recognition.

Adhering to stringent inspection standards set forth by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is no small feat. Drawing from the rigorous guidelines outlined in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Code, establishments are tasked with navigating a myriad of potential violations to emerge unscathed. However, a select group of Bradenton-area restaurants has not only met but exceeded these expectations during their recent inspections, earning accolades for their commitment to excellence.

From January 24th to February 2nd, the following local businesses distinguished themselves by achieving perfect or near-perfect health inspection scores:

  • Applebee’s Grill + Bar at 5908 18th St. E. in Ellenton
  • Culver’s at 3515 Cortez Road W. in Bradenton
  • Fresh Kitchen at 8491 Cooper Creek Blvd. #101 in Bradenton
  • Gulf Breeze Cafe at 6000 Airport Circle in Sarasota (located inside Sarasota Bradenton International Airport) - (No violations)
  • Jennings Downtown Provisions at 417 12th St. W. in Bradenton
  • Keke’s Breakfast Cafe at 5405 University Parkway, #104 in University Park
  • Little Jo-To at 5911 53rd Ave. E. in Bradenton - (No violations)
  • Matt’s Diner (Mobile food business) - (No violations)
  • Origin Craft Beer & Pizza Cafe UTC at 8193 Tourist Center Dr. in Bradenton
  • Parrish Pizzeria at 12345 U.S. 301 in Parrish - (No violations)
  • Penny’s Ice Cream at 5610 Gulf of Mexico Dr. #3 in Longboat Key
  • Pier 22 at 1200 First Ave. W. in Bradenton - (No violations)
  • Popi’s Place at 6409 Manatee Ave. W. in Bradenton
  • Raven Pizza and More at 8255 U.S. 301 in Parrish - (No violations)
  • Subway at 5810 Ranch Lake Blvd. in Bradenton (inside Walmart)
  • Tijuana Flats at 5215 University Parkway #106 in University Park
  • Waffle House at 1515 51st Ave. E. in Ellenton - (No violations)
  • Wendy’s at 11727 S.R. 70 E. in Bradenton - (No violations)
  • Whiskey Joe’s food truck at 5313 19th St. E. in Ellenton - (No violations)

These establishments have not only demonstrated their commitment to maintaining exemplary cleanliness and food safety practices but have also showcased their dedication to ensuring the well-being of their customers. It's worth noting that all restaurants in Florida are licensed and subject to routine inspections by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Diners across the state can contribute to upholding these standards by promptly reporting any health or cleanliness concerns at a restaurant to the agency. By working together, we can continue to uphold the highest standards of food safety and hygiene in our community.

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