Opelika's Food Truck Fridays: A Celebration of Community and Flavor

Every first and third Friday in Opelika, downtown transforms into a vibrant hub of deliciousness. Food Truck Fridays are more than just a chance to grab a bite; they're a showcase of local businesses and the passionate people behind them.

From California Hot Dogs to Authentic Ramen:

One of the pioneers of the scene is Franky June's Weeny Wagon. Rick Lanier, the co-owner, missed the California street food scene after returning home to Opelika. Driven by a craving for quality hot dogs and a desire to serve his community, Rick launched his truck. Their success extends beyond Food Truck Fridays, with catering gigs at Auburn University. But for Rick, the real reward lies in seeing satisfied customers and fostering connections.

A few trucks down, Red Wolf Ramen offers a unique experience. Owners Jonathan "Dude" and Elizabeth Allen take pride in serving authentic Japanese ramen, prepared the way it should be. Inspired by his own love for the dish and a desire for true authenticity, Jonathan emphasizes quality over quantity, offering a focused menu of three to four items.

Red Wolf isn't just about food. Jonathan, who also owns a martial arts school in Opelika, extends his commitment to community through his business. Their "standing policy" offers free training to anyone who has faced assault, stalking, or harassment. Their focus is on empowering the community, not just turning a profit.

Sweet Treats and Big Dreams:

VV's Sweet Treats, a mother-daughter team run by Bonnie Wise and Lori Yarbrough, fills the void for fair food cravings. Inspired by the desire to offer delicious treats beyond seasonal fairs, they offer classics like funnel cakes and cotton candy. Starting with a food truck allowed them to enter the scene without the high cost of a restaurant, though opening a brick-and-mortar location remains a future dream.

A Feast for the Senses and the Soul:

Food Truck Fridays are a testament to Opelika's vibrant community spirit. New trucks join the lineup each month, ensuring a constant stream of culinary exploration. With every delicious bite, friendly interaction, and act of community service, Food Truck Fridays offer a taste of the heart and soul of Opelika.

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