The Lucky Clover: Where Irish Comfort Food Meets American Classics

Food trucks are a delicious way to explore global flavors, but finding Irish fare on wheels can be a challenge. Enter The Lucky Clover, a Mooresville-based food truck run by husband-and-wife team Amanda and Ron Kyles, both with a touch of the Irish in their heritage.

From Sweet Treats to Savory Success

The Lucky Clover's journey began in 2020, offering sweet indulgence with donuts, pretzels, and snow cones. But Amanda and Ron's passion for Irish cuisine led them to revamp the truck in 2022, transforming it into a haven of savory delights.

A Menu Full of Delectable Options

While corned beef Reuben reigns supreme (thanks to Amanda's dad, the official taste tester!), The Lucky Clover caters to all palates. The Rachel Panini offers a twist on the classic, featuring turkey and coleslaw instead.

But their offerings extend far beyond Irish comfort food. The menu boasts a variety of tacos, a juicy Irish burger, and a "Carolina burger" – a messy, delicious ode to Amanda's Southern roots. But the star of the show might just be Ron's secret-seasoned, hand-pattied burgers, consistently lauded by customers as some of the best in the US.

Beyond Burgers: A Feast for All Tastes

The Lucky Clover doesn't stop at burgers. Indulge in a cheesy Paddy melt, classic hot dogs with creative toppings like Reuben relish or Carolina chili, or a plate of comforting Shepherd's pie. Vegetarian or gluten-free? No problem! They offer hamburger steak and grilled chicken plates, both free of gluten.

Sweet Endings and Community Spirit

For a sweet finale, their warm pretzel bites with house-made beer cheese dip are a must-try. Craving a sugary treat? Opt for the cinnamon pretzel bites with a variety of dipping options, including – of course – Irish cream frosting.

The Lucky Clover isn't just about delicious food; Amanda and Ron are passionate about bringing their food truck to schools, companies, and community events. They hope to participate in more teacher and employee luncheons, and their sights are set on showcasing their Irish fare at the Downtown Mooresville Festival of Food Trucks and the Iredell County Fair.

Looking for a Touch of the Emerald Isle?

Whether you're craving a juicy burger, a classic Reuben, or a taste of Irish comfort food, The Lucky Clover has something for everyone. Contact Amanda and Ron to bring their food truck to your next event, or keep an eye out for them at local breweries and festivals. With a menu full of flavor and a commitment to community, The Lucky Clover is sure to become your new favorite spot for a delicious and satisfying meal.

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