A Fusion Fiesta at Triptych Brewery: La Gueras Kitchen Steals the Show

This past weekend, my husband and I embarked on a casual date night at Triptych Brewery in Savoy, Illinois. But the real star of the evening wasn't the beer (although Triptych's selection is fantastic) – it was the food truck parked outside: La Gueras Kitchen.


This bright red trailer, which debuted last summer, had been beckoning me with its enticing aroma of fusion fare for months. Finally, the chance to indulge had arrived! La Gueras' menu boasted a delightful mix of familiar favorites and innovative creations. Classic comfort food like brisket sandwiches and veggie egg rolls shared space with more adventurous options like crab rangoon nachos and crabby fries.

Intrigued by the fusion concept, I opted for the brisket fried rice ($11.95). This dish wasn't your average fried rice – it was a party in a bowl! Fluffy rice, perfectly seasoned scrambled eggs, and tender cooked onions formed the base, while generous portions of chopped green onions added a pop of freshness. But the true hero of this dish was the brisket. Smoky, chewy, and cut into bite-sized pieces, it offered a delightful barbecue twist that reminded me of smoky bacon. The brisket didn't overpower the other ingredients; instead, it played a harmonious role, elevating the entire dish.

My husband, ever the traditionalist, went for the tried-and-true walking taco ($8.95). This handheld masterpiece featured the same delicious brisket, but instead of being nestled in fried rice, it resided in a bed of Doritos. Shredded lettuce, diced tomato, crisp onion, cool sour cream, and melty cheese completed the picture. We've had our fair share of walking tacos, but La Gueras' version offered a clever twist – the bag was opened sideways, creating a convenient bowl. This simple innovation prevented spills and ensured every bite was a flavor explosion.

While the walking taco was undeniably delicious, it was a race against time. The sour cream softened the chips slightly, and the bag trapped the heat, turning everything a bit steamy. Nonetheless, my husband devoured it with gusto, praising the perfect balance of textures and flavors.

La Gueras Kitchen left a lasting impression. Not only did the brisket fried rice live up to the hype, but it also ignited my curiosity for their other fusion creations. The crabby fries, a tantalizing combination of crispy fries, succulent crab meat, sweet and sour sauce, creamy cheese, and fresh green onions, are definitely calling my name next time I spot that red trailer.

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