A Taste of Home: Rolling Tacos and Pupusas Brings Salvadoran Flavors to Fayetteville

For Yeni Lopez, the call to share the flavors of her El Salvadoran heritage was undeniable. After nearly two decades working in chain restaurant kitchens, Lopez left the familiarity behind to embark on a new adventure – Rolling Tacos and Pupusas, a vibrant pink food truck co-owned by her daughter Zully Sherpinskas.

Rolling Tacos and Pupusas isn't your average taco truck. Sure, they offer delicious Mexican fare like birria tacos, overflowing with stewed beef, cheese, and onions, alongside classic favorites like nachos smothered in their addictive white queso. But the true heart of their menu lies in the pupusas – El Salvador's national dish.

These thick corn tortillas, lovingly made from scratch daily, are stuffed with savory fillings like pork and cheese or beans and cheese. Griddled to perfection, they arrive at your plate accompanied by a vibrant red sauce and a side of tangy pickled cabbage, creating a symphony of textures and flavors.

Since launching in mid-May, Rolling Tacos and Pupusas has been a runaway success. They've carved out a niche in Fayetteville's bustling food truck scene, captivating customers at Bethany Food Trucks, local breweries, and even winning over the hearts (and stomachs) of students at Beaver Dam Elementary School.

The secret to their success? Freshness and authenticity. Lopez and Sherpinskas take pride in making nearly everything from scratch, from the tortillas and chips to the salsas and refreshing agua frescas. Their dedication translates into every delicious bite.

The journey hasn't been without its challenges. Long workdays and the demanding nature of the food truck business test their resilience. But through it all, their family remains their rock. Lopez's husband, Jose, and their five children, all part of the extended family who immigrated from El Salvador in the mid-80s, offer unwavering support. Sundays are now dedicated to family and church, a much-needed respite to express gratitude for their blessings.

While immediate expansion plans aren't on the horizon, Lopez dreams of a future with a brick-and-mortar restaurant. "There's a gap downtown for a cozy, authentic Hispanic place," she muses. Who knows? Perhaps Fayetteville will soon be home to a vibrant restaurant, an extension of Rolling Tacos and Pupusas' culinary love letter to El Salvador.

One thing's for certain: Lopez and Sherpinskas are passionate about sharing their heritage and their love for good food. So, next time you find yourself craving something beyond the ordinary, seek out the bright pink beacon of Rolling Tacos and Pupusas. You might just discover your new favorite Fayetteville flavor.

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