Bloomington's Beloved Chocolate Moose: Scooping Up Memories and Flavors

This week's episode kicks off summer with a sweet treat – ice cream! We head to Bloomington, Indiana, and visit The Chocolate Moose, a local institution since 1933.

A Legacy of Sweetness

The story starts with Cletus May, who opened May's Cafe during the Great Depression. Over the years, the shop has changed hands, names, and even locations, but its charm has endured. Longtime residents fondly remember gathering for scoops on warm summer nights, a tradition that continues today.

Adapting to Change

Around 2017, the original stand gave way to development. But the spirit of the Moose lived on! They secured a new retail space and even expanded with satellite locations and a robust coffee service for winter months. Innovation continued with a vegan ice cream line, available in stores and local groceries.

Food Truck Fridays: A Community Revival

The community spirit that thrived around the original stand found a new home in "Food Truck Friday." This weekly summer event, spearheaded by Jordan Davis (Director of Operations), brings together a dozen food trucks and hungry crowds in Switchyard Park. From BBQ to Venezuelan cuisine, falafel to Filipino fare, there's something for everyone. Live music, barking dogs, and happy faces create a vibrant atmosphere.

Behind the Scoops: A Peek Inside

We chat with Jordan and production manager Elijah Lawson about the Moose's history, the fascinating ice cream-making process (including their one and only machine!), and the inspiration behind Food Truck Friday.

So, tune in this week for a scoop of Bloomington history, a dash of summer fun, and a recipe for delicious vegetarian lumpia from Pinoy Garden Cafe!

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