Craving Conquerors: Must-Try Food Trucks of Delaware

Forget the drive-thru, Delaware's food truck scene is sizzling with flavor! These mobile kitchens dish up everything from fresh seafood to gourmet pizza, leaving your taste buds wanting more. But since these trucks are always on the move, be sure to check their social media for their latest location.

Sweet Treats on Wheels:

  • Cup'r Cone (Rehoboth Beach): Calling all ice cream aficionados! Cup'r Cone serves up homemade, hand-dipped scoops in a rotating roster of flavors. Indulge in a classic cup or cone, or go all out with a waffle cone sundae.

Savory Sensations:

  • Cousins Maine Lobster: This nationally recognized truck brings a taste of the sea to Delaware. Their menu boasts an array of lobster creations, from succulent rolls to decadent grilled cheese.
  • Taco Reho: Ditch the ordinary taco and head to Taco Reho. This truck offers a fiesta of fillings like Baja fish, grilled veggies, and juicy shrimp. For those seeking more, they also offer pizza tostadas, hotdogs, and cheesy nachos.
  • Bivouac Pizza: Craving a taste of Italy? Bivouac Pizza serves up camp-fired pizzas, both classic and vegan, made with the Neapolitan tradition in mind. Choose from their selection of Margherita, pepperoni, or even a sweet apple pie pizza.
  • Taqueria El Gallito (Dover): Don't miss this vibrant green truck for a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Taqueria El Gallito offers a fiesta of flavors with their shrimp quesadillas, smoked beef tacos, and tortas bursting with fresh ingredients.

Specialty Eats:

  • Falling Off the Bone Bar-Be-Que And Fish Fry (Dover): This truck brings the taste of a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner to the streets. They slow-cook their BBQ ribs to perfection and offer all the classic sides you crave, from candied yams to baked beans.
  • Cajun-Sno: Experience the unique taste of New Orleans with a snowball from Cajun-Sno. These fluffy snow treats come in over 100 flavors, from classic apple to quirky options like birthday cake. Unlike traditional ice, you can savor multiple flavors without them mixing.

Vegetarian Delights:

  • Masala Kitchen (New Castle Farmers Market): For vegetarian options that tantalize the taste buds, look no further than Masala Kitchen. Their menu features creative dishes like Naan pizzas topped with Maggi sauce, Amul cheese, and paneer tikka, alongside flavorful wraps and skewers.

Global Grub on the Go:

  • Mojo Loco: This truck lives up to its name with a menu that's anything but ordinary. They offer a world of flavors in their tacos, with options like Asian shrimp, Korean beef, and Cajun chicken. Round out your meal with a loaded rice bowl, crispy Brussels sprouts, or their signature crabby fries.

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